“This is why progress becomes stagnant…”


Alright, time for some self-promo! I’ve been working on some crafty projects. Learning, practicing and putting together some ideas for … an etsy store! (Shhh it’s a not so secret, secret.) Meanwhile – below are some of my projects and if you have instagram follow along with my process: @ala.hera

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My heart is heavy for everyone affected. My condolences to those who lost someone. Human rights are violated hourly and daily, within western shores and a majority within developing nations in Paris, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Bangkok, Burundi, Nigeria, Cairo, the on going ethonocide in Mindanao, Philippines, starvation of North Koreans, Pakistan Army attacks in Sindh, […]

How far are you willing to schedule and technosavvy your daily routines? Timely+Google = Efficiency or the end of spontaneity? http://www.wired.com/2015/05/googles-next-calendar-manage-real-life/?mbid=social_twitter

Week Three: Pescatarian #notakeoutweek This im going to try out some Pescatarian dishes. I’m not trying to transition but I would like different food options with cooking. With this Im also going to try to lower my gluten in take – because…. (guess… why…) . . . That’s right I’m on a diet. Now I […]

I’ve heard a lot of murmur about your transition to becoming female. On behalf of anyone who has a heart, I’m sorry that you have live under the lime light and have people constantly judge your transition and become what you truly feel you are. A woman. To be honest, I don’t know you and why […]