The deep dark topic: INCOME INEQUALITY UPDATE: (02/12/2015) Writing a blog post about income inequality has led me a very thick and dark path that has me slightly constantly editing my work. Patience does not equal virtue. Share the poll! Would love to get more feedback. Before I write about this, because honestly this will […]

He dragged himself up the streetcar steps. With a droopy head he drops his transit ticket. Looks for a seat and stares at me. With anger and sadness, he screamed. Less than 15 years old, this little boy clearly indicates he hates being Filipino. I knew why he screamed. I knew why he screamed directly […]

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.” I’ve done a total 180 in social situations where I get painfully irritated. During most social situations, I try to carry a conversation because it is the polite thing to do. I never really knew why I had to keep a conversation because frankly I […]

As part of blogging course, I am introducing myself. I’ll try to make this more specific than my “About me” page.  My name is Karyl. Hi! (I’m currently imagining a room full of people sitting in a circle, introducing themselves as the lights flicker… dun dun dun…) I’m blogging because I’ve always wanted to blog. […]

Today, I lounged. I held a cup of coffee, which later became a large cup of water, a can of cider, another glass of water and a large mug of coffee. I have been home all day doing nothing productive. Does obsessing about dental health counts as being productive? A lot of people have a […]

Its 2015! Happy New Year!  Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I know I did. Did you post it on social media? There are people saying there are too many new year’s resolution on Facebook/Twitter and it’s getting tiring. But why? I’d rather see New Year’s resolutions than see half the world give up […]

I will be ringing in the New Year with a new job. A job with a desk and 9 – 5 hours. This is a new world to me. Although it is a one year contract, the possibility of gaining a stable income is incredibly uplifting. As a theatre technician, artist and as a social […]