The Hair Debate

Although I agree with this article, I do have to point out that some women don’t have arm pit hair. I know this because I’m lucky enough to be one. With that said, women who star in apocalyptic movies may or may not have hair in the pits; but who is going to ask if they do or not? Nope not me.

I have to ask, why is there so much debate about hair?

Hair is hair. It grows out and you either keep it or you don’t.

If we are going to take a jab at gender realistic representation, we often don’t look at males. Is it fair for women to only want what they see on TV? Should they only want Hugh Jackman, Jamie Dornan, Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson look a likes? No. Of course not. They work hard to look they way they do and so do the women in movies.

The reason why they work this hard? Aside from looking like an art piece and possibly being healthy, is because SEX SELLS.

If we want to change representation, down to arm pit hair on women, we have to convince a majority of consumers that they should be attracted and be open to anyone, with or without hair.

Gender ideology is shaped by what the majority finds attractive because dolla dolla bills yo.

Those who manufacture manikins didn’t just wake up and say a manikin should be a hairless mole rat because more people find it attractive.

No, it is researched. If it sells, its out there.

Let’s take a look at plus size woman manikins, why do they exist? For plus sized women to relate to the store and find clothing that makes them feel and look attractive.

Why do most manikins look like faceless versions of Barbie and Ken? Because Barbie and Ken, sold like hot cakes. Was it right to only sell a unrealistic Caucasian body type to children? No. Why did they want it? (I’m going to stop there because this delves in colonialism and I’ll save that for another time)

Let’s take a look at the “man beard” attraction, men, women, dogs and cats and the internet loves a man with a beard. What about the guys who need to shave or can’t physically grow a full beard? Should we place hair implants on them?

Should women shave their pits?

The answer will most likely be: it depends on what the audience wants, which most likely is YES.

If the on going trend is for men to have beards and a majority of men can’t grow a beard, beard hair implants will most likely be as common as shaved pits.

Let me be clear, I don’t agree with changing yourself to attract flies. In fact, I am all for showing of what you got if you are COMFORTABLE with what you got. What I’m trying to clarify is: the body images you see in the market, which includes media, isn’t something that we should set our hormones radar to, but they are. Why? because that is what is repetitively shoved in our faces.

Is right? No.

Is it wrong? Maybe.

Who are we to really say what a person should be attracted to, unless their is a scientific and medical reason why you shouldn’t be. Necrophilia, is just creepy man.

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