Response: A White Woman’s Opinion on Black Women

A White Woman’s opinion on Black Women

A white woman gives her “opinion” on why Black men prefer white women over Black. An educated black man responds to her comments! This is up lifting,remember we are ROYALTY! just had to post this…..

Assuming that most of you have read this here is my opinion piece:

So, I posted this link late last night on my facebook and I didn’t get a chance to really explain…

“A White Woman’s opinion on Black Women” is a racist post along with the comment that came from an “educated black man”.

The blog post is racist to both black and white male and female. Wait I forgot, it’s also racist to “brown” “yellow” “red” “purple” and male and female oompaloompas.

Allow me to explain.

Both these people expose the problem of racializing gender behavior. People racialize each other and themselves encouraging assumptions that specific genders always heed to their cultural behavior.

I am a Filipina. Yes, I did live a portion of my life in the Philippines and have lived 14 years of my life here in Canada. According to the Asian women biases presented to me, I’m supposed to be docile, meek, pale skinned and feminine. According the Filipino women bias, I’m also supposed to be domestic (the cooking and cleaning type). A top of being docile, meek, pale skinned and feminine. BUT since I grew up in a mountain region in the Philippines my behavior of being loud, crass and sometimes vulgar are explained.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Let me continue…

Since I’ve moved to Canada, there is now the assumption that I will be a westernized woman, a business oriented hard ass with the dreams of having a “Leave it to Beaver Family”. I will also acquire wealth from my hard work but mostly from my male partner and that I can send money back to the Philippines, or even better- house my immigrated family in my basement. According to the books, it would be better if I also married a white man, because he has an easier chance of acquiring wealth.

Do you see the problem now?

The problem is that these overly bearing assumptions eventually become the characteristics of some Filipino women, meanwhile they could have had the opportunity of becoming any “type” of women they chose to be. If I categorized every behavior pattern I have with my culture, I can then easily “predict the outcome” of my relationships. But really I wouldn’t be predicting it, I would be forming it. I would be forming my relationship based on the cultural biases created during the colonization era and past and current media representation. My behavior then would be based on gender biases passed on from generation to generation dating back before the colonization period but also media representation.

Media representation that continue to over sensualize women to the point that as a woman of Asian descent, I am supposedly an exotic creature with “Asian” domestic skills.

White women are considered to be “adventurous” brand cladded women, who are either domestic or man-eaters.

Black women have are often categorized as loud, over-sensitive, crass, “baby popping mommas”. So when a quiet, nerdy black girl sits in front of you, you become off put by their behavior and immediately ask: “Were you born here?” immediately assuming that their behavior is based on the fact that they’ve lived here so long.

Latina women are over sexualized. They are viewed to be overly dramatic Eva Langoria’s, so when that quiet Latina girl who doesn’t spend over an hour preparing herself for the world, is immediately viewed as lazy and born into a “labour” oriented family.

Indian women and East Asian women immediately are viewed as “restricted by religion,culture and men” when they are wearing traditional/religious garb and when she isn’t has been she is classified as westernized and congratulated for standing up for her rights.

First Nations men are only viewed successful when it is believed they have assimilated into western culture. However it apparently isn’t a surprise if you find them in a shelter or on the streets, because hey, their just another “indian” right?

All of these culture based gender biases need to stop. Particularly because they are racist but more importantly they are passed down to young men and women who are become bounded to these stereo types, when little do we know they can flourish to be more than the biases passed down to them. Let that girl little girl wear mix matched clothing and play with that Tonka Truck and her beloved Barbie at the same time.

As a woman, I do what I want. My partner, does what he wants. Yes, I still face the cultural gender bias, but some of these biases I’ve imposed on myself. However, I am aware of them and sometimes I get real pissed at myself.

Then I think about it.

Who cares?

Why am I pissed at the behavior that I CHOSE?

Do I like what I’m doing?

Yeah. Yeah I do.

Categorize me left, right and center- my decision to clean my home, work and go to school is my choice. What affected my choice shouldn’t be categorized as a gender or culture specific.

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