That Job You Wanted.

I will be ringing in the New Year with a new job. A job with a desk and 9 – 5 hours. This is a new world to me. Although it is a one year contract, the possibility of gaining a stable income is incredibly uplifting.

As a theatre technician, artist and as a social activist/humanitarian finding a stable job is by far one of the hardest thing to do, especially when you are trying to find a job within your field if interest. The hustle is forever, exciting, tiring and more often than not comes with unpredictable income.

It’s fun, but it sucks for your credit and your savings and so does finding income stability.

As fun as the hustle is, it isn’t enough for me to keep going. I needed stability, so I took a job so right field from where I was headed career wise that I landed a job as a Finance Assistant. Does this mean my hustle to work in the Arts and Social Development stops? No.

“You gave in to the man, you now work for the man” – Family member

When I was looking for jobs earlier this year, I was annoyed that I couldn’t do the social work I wanted to do, or have the materials to create. But a friend clearly stated that I could not do any of those without supporting myself first.

“I work for me, who the hell is the man anyway?” – Me, whilst stuffing my face with Christmas dinner.

Some people have the benefit of working in their field of choice right away, for others not so much. This full-time job may not be what I expected but who knows if I like it or not? My projects are not in the back burner, if anything, I’ve scheduled time for myself to do crafts, blog and spend time with others. I’m still going to be working as a technician for some shows during the weekends if the shows are available and volunteer.

This may not be my dream job, but if it will help me get to where I want to be then I really can’t complain, because there isn’t anything to complain about.

I’m a product of three different educational programs, all of which are not related to what my new position will be in the New Year. I am terrified, excited and overall expecting nothing less than a learning experience.

So if you are a recent graduate, or a student looking for job advice here is my advice to you:

Work hard and be timely. You may not land your dream job ASAP but the work you do well will reflect your efforts, which will also become experiences you can bring to your dream position.

Never give up. Cheesy as it maybe just because you have an easy job that pays doesn’t mean give up on job search. Keep looking and hustle. Never give up.

Know where to look. You know what your dream job is and you will also know the companies that offer that job. Keep track of them. Even if you are working a cozy job, if it isn’t you’re dream job you will always have an itch to move forward, so keep an eye out and find a way to make your current job relevant to your dream job.

Don’t count the hours just work and work well. Counting hours is a good way to get yourself seen as an unmotivated worker. Whether or not you work hourly or in salary, counting minutes can only drag your energy down. So don’t do it.

Stay motivated It isn’t the companies responsibility to keep you motivated. The carrot on the stick only works if you are willing to work for it. If you don’t want a carrot, why bother with the carrot.

A job at McDonalds may not seem like much, but a job that puts food on the table and supports your creative outlet isn’t such a bad thing is it?

Image taken by: D3scry August 2012


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