This January 1st 2015 blog post

Its 2015! Happy New Year!  Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I know I did. Did you post it on social media?

There are people saying there are too many new year’s resolution on Facebook/Twitter and it’s getting tiring. But why? I’d rather see New Year’s resolutions than see half the world give up on itself. What do you mean there’s no point for New Year’s resolutions because it’s going to be the same year like last year and the year before that and the year before that?
I think the point of a New Year’s resolutions is to create a positive outlook on the upcoming year and the year after that and the year after.
We make goals so that we know that the next year we’re going to do something good for ourselves, good for other people and just be happy. Whether it’s a new year’s resolutions about getting fit,  reading more books, spending more time with people, and earning more money; a resolutions is something that we need to do at the beginning of the year so that we create goals to achieve so that we can move forward.

So, don’t get all negative and say “Another fuckin’ resolution” or at least don’t take others in the negative space with you.

Just like a new day, a new year is another year we wake up too and tackle head on with a to do list and set goals so that we can make ourselves better, make others feel happy and help us grow as an individual.

To that:


I started my New Years with a Bailey’s coffee. Cheers Everyone!


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