in·tro·duc·tion / intrəˈdəkSH(ə)n

As part of blogging course, I am introducing myself. I’ll try to make this more specific than my “About me” page. 

My name is Karyl.

Hi! (I’m currently imagining a room full of people sitting in a circle, introducing themselves as the lights flicker… dun dun dun…)

I’m blogging because I’ve always wanted to blog. I began with Livejournal 10 years ago. I was in a library completing my homework and I wanted to write about what was happening in my life at that time.

I just googled my old live journal and found it. I'm embarrassed to say, I was a wee bit obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I never really knew what would be the result of my blog, I was 16. Ten years later, here I am blogging about blogging.


In 2008, I introduced myself to WordPress. I created my first to do list post, which I’ve updated when ever I remember to. Then I started taking pictures and created a photo blog of sorts. Then I stopped, because I gravitated over to Tumblr, which I recently deleted. I transferred some of my blogs to Tumblr, then I just began re-posting things that I liked. Then my blog was just full of images and links to blogs. That wasn’t the result I wanted. So here I am again, this time with a better idea of what I want to my blog to be.

I want to share my opinions. I don’t have a specific category for it yet but hopefully in the near future I will. What I want to write about are topics about social economic and cultural dependencies.

Not what you expected? Well neither did I.

What I want to do differently, in comparison to similar socio-econ blogs, is to use less jargon. I think that most blogs, articles and websites about social economic factors focus more on being academically sound to seem reliable, but all end up being is… academic jargon, boring and difficult to relate to. Even if it is important to know what their article is about, if it reads like an academic journal, you limit your audience to be just that: academics.

I studied International Development as an Undergraduate.

I want to connect with people. What ever this blog happens to turn into, I want to make connections with others who agree or disagree about what I write.

Go ahead criticize!

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, I really hope that I have at least given some clarification on political, economic and social studies jargon and inspired you to argue with one or more of my blog posts.

…. are the lights still flickering or is just me?


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