Blog Goals

Since the name of this blog is I ATE THIS TODAY it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to post about food. However, I don’t want this blog to only revolve around food. So twice a week, as part of my “Eat the fuck at home and stop eating take-out because it gets boring and expensive” goal, I’ve decided to post recipes that I try making at home. If you want to look some of the other foods I’ve posted online, check out my Instagram.

Last week, I ate take-out every day. I capped it off with a dinner date on Saturday at Momofuku Daisho for Winterlicious

Momofuku was delicious. The rest of the week? Not so much. 

This week I decided to set a goal for myself, I’m going to cook my lunch and dinner at home for the whole week, then hopefully it becomes a trend for the whole month. 

Another blog goal: Post about relevant events.

This might be a bit harder to accomplish because I find that most opinion based blogs should have some collection of research involved. I also want others to find articles on this blog easy to read and if I do use jargon I want to be able readers to have access to resources that may help explain the topic better.

I’d like to point out that the Income Inequality poll is currently open and I am currently still working on the blog post.

Writing about social development isn’t just a matter of expressing your opinion about the worldly events, it involves time and research.


Other goals:

Target traffic increase: (Comments, questions and visits) 40% by July 2015.

Stay awesome blog world.



  1. These are some great goals. I can relate to the goal of needing to cook more as I tell myself that ALL the time, and not only to save money but to increase variety by having more recipes (and skills) to turn too, increase confidence in my cooking (and that of others, towards my cooking) and be able to make something healthy that’s also delicious.

    I’ve also found it necessary to provide links, site your sources of course where necessary, so people can learn more about what you’re talking about if they want to. As such I have a page that needs more work but I’m working on adding more and more resources – including other interesting blogs – for my visitors. Not only does this help my readers but in some cases it also lends support to other bloggers.

    And I like your last little quick goal of increasing your target traffic, I will need to set such a goal myself. Good encouraging goals, may you succeed in achieving them! 🙂

  2. I keep setting the first goal for myself everyday but then my husband has pampered me to bits and I end up deviating from it. * sheepish grin*. Good luck with your’s though!

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