Dear Bruce Jenner,

I’ve heard a lot of murmur about your transition to becoming female.
On behalf of anyone who has a heart, I’m sorry that you have live under the lime light and have people constantly judge your transition and become what you truly feel you are. A woman.
To be honest, I don’t know you and why you under the media microscope – nor do I care.
I’ve never been in a position where the public eye scrutinizes my every move for the sake of entertainment and curiosity, at least not to the degree that you are under. So, I can’t say I know how you feel.

But I hope one day that you feel the weight of negative judgement off your shoulders and one day be happy with the people around you because they see you for you. The you that you feel like and not what you are pressured to be.

Continue to be strong under the mediocre attempts to demean you. The world is a hard place to be yourself, because apparently everyone has a category that they must conform to, even if conformity will take who you really are and crush it.

Somewhere out there, a person will be inspired by your strength to push though conformity and feel free to be themselves.

Being a person isn’t a crime against humanity.

To criticize, demean  and judge a persons right to identify with what they feel – is.

If you identify as a woman, Bruce Jenner, you ma’am are a woman.

From one person to another, I give you my regards.

Karyl Agana


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