#notakeoutweek: My self-proclaimed Challenge

Week Three: Pescatarian #notakeoutweek

This im going to try out some Pescatarian dishes. I’m not trying to transition but I would like different food options with cooking. With this Im also going to try to lower my gluten in take – because…. (guess… why…)

That’s right I’m on a diet. Now I am atleast. So be ready for some more dietary updates.

But for now… Apple pie and vanilla ice cream courtesy of my potluck party yesterday.

#notakeoutweek part two is still going strong!
Except for tomorrow when I mingle with people at work.
One way to avoid take out is to go the grocery store… like during lunch and buying materials for your awesome meal. Unfortunately this only works if you have a kitchen/kitchenette. This croissant sandwich was the result of my lack of groceries at home. Now I have food for more awesomness!
Kept the jar for another soup and cut up some farmers market goodness! Look buy your food wisely, its easy to get excited at a farmers market and think everything is awesome and you should get it cause it healthy. No. A farmers market is still a market. People will always sell things you don’t need. So always bring a grocery list but allow yourself a treat.
Friend soup! A good friend made me soup for lunch! Had it with some sour dough multi-grain. Om nom.
Breakfast Tart: Phyllo dough, spinach, bacon, egg, Assaderro cheese and s&p.
Made twelve. Gone by the first day, so much for taking breakfast to work.

Since I’m on my second week of #notakeoutweek I figured it would be good to begin tracking my progress online, you know on my blog that I often forget?

Anyway, #notakeoutweek is a personal challenge to keep money in my pocket instead of eating it.

Since I started my new job, it’s been easier to go down stairs and find something in the food court or go with the flow and join people for some for some restaurant goodies. $10 here to $23.00 that shit was getting expensive and on top of that I wasn’t enjoying take out anymore.

Trust me and your dietitian: Sushi is not the healthy option. Not everyday.

So last week, I’ve been cooking and bringing things to work and logging it on Instagram and today I posted some love to my neglected twitter.

Below are some of my Instagram posts and feel free to follow either my twitter or Instagram (or both you fantastic human)

https://twitter.com/K_agana or https://instagram.com/d3scry/

Capture Capture1 Capture2

on that note, please watch this video for social media stalker inspiration:


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