I am scared of Barbie.

I have been terrified of dolls for awhile- I don’t really know what the reason’s were but I know that dolls give me nightfright- it wasn’t because of Chucky the Movie I can’t watch it and Laugh a little and sit there and go- “really? this is gross and scary?” I don’t really know why I am so scared. The main doll that scares me out of my bed and out to the front yard is Barbie- yes Barbie. Girls have tried to be like her and she has to be every one else down to Donnatella Versace, African Queen, 70’s Super Mom- and well got a boyfriend named Ken. Whatever- this unrealistic super model, american plastic model is my worst nightmare. SO! I went- I went to the Barbie shop on Queen St. I took pictures- walked around stayed there for awhile. Thank you to the anonymous boyfriend that has helped get over my fear- I stayed and had a little bit of fun. Today, Barbie- Barbie is the plastic idol of all generations.  Here are the pictures of this plastic nightmare.


Kisses from Barbie: To Ken


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